Failure Analysis of the Launch

July 3, 2016
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My Roles: Research/Information Organization/Poster Design

Our team was tasked with researching and analyzing the failure of the launch. Our focus was on three specific dimensions of the incident: technology, management, and political criticism. Our sources consisted of various media outlets ranging from conservative, liberal and progressive perspectives. After reviewing our collected data we were able to identify patterns and factors, which coincided with multiple opinions in with the political climate. The connections between the activity in management outweighed technology and political criticism at the beginning of the timeline, however once the launch failed multiple media outlets and politicians fought to place blame. My role in this research project included laying out the poster, the sketch shown was my way of visualizing the organization of information before formally beginning the layout, conducting research for the technology section of the poster, and helping decide which political figures to include in the political section of the site.

Collaborative Design, Supporting Professor Keith Owens