Collaboration Agreement with Mosaic Family Services 2016

January 15, 2016

We are most excited about our Collaboration Agreement with Mosaic Family Services. Mosaic is a safe haven for survivors of human rights abuses, including human trafficking and domestic violence.

All of the incidents reported through the Operation Compass North Texas mobile app will be sent to our North Texas partners Mosaic Family Services and when appropriate, on to the Dallas Police Department. This vital information, the result of empowered citizens being able to report what they’ve seen, enables Mosaic to provide aid it might not otherwise, and helps Dallas Police bring tra ckers to justice.

Conferences/Speaking Engagement

Attending the Freedom Network Conference

April 7, 2015

The Freedom Network is comprised of 39 members across the U.S. who are focused on the fight against human trafficking. I attended this conference armed with the first prototype for Operation Compass and showed it to as many attendees as I could. I spoke with law enforcement, social workers, prosecutors, and victim advocates. The feedback I brought home was immeasurable and played a role in the mobile application that is now available.